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Nonprofits Today: Understanding the Changing Landscape

Nonprofit leaders, managers, and sector switchers will benefit from this fast-paced exploration of today’s nonprofit sector. Learn about the broad range of institutions that occupy the social space between the market and the state and what holds them together.

Participants will discuss the specific functions of nonprofits in society, their economic and political impact and major trends that are changing the face of nonprofit organizations as we know them. The goal of this course is to facilitate increased knowledge of the nonprofit sector, preparing the learner to lead and manage strategically in a rapidly changing environment.

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Section 0523
May 4 - June 7, 2023
Course Fee: $550
Instructor: Martin Berg
Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 11:59 am (CT)
Location: Online
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Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Nonprofits, Nonprofit Management and the Nonprofit Sector
  • Recognizing the Economic and Political Roles of Nonprofits
  • Overview of Current Nonprofit Trends: Understanding the Changing Landscape
  • Continued Exploration of Trends: What They Mean for Your Nonprofit Organization
  • Looking into the Future: The Role of Innovation

Course Benefits

  • Recognize the wide range of terms and definitions used for nonprofit organizations today and how nonprofits fit in between the market and the state
  • Explain the key functions of nonprofits
  • Recognize the social, economic and political impact of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and beyond
  • Identify major trends affecting nonprofits today and interpret their significance for the organization where you work or volunteer
  • Explain strategies for building a culture of innovation as nonprofit organizations face the future

Special Features

  • Weekly readings and resources to inform your understanding of nonprofits today
  • “Studio” activities offer opportunities for new and experienced practitioners to cultivate practical skills
  • Original case studies and problem-based learning activities
  • In-depth weekly discussions on the real-life challenges and opportunities of leading nonprofits
  • A small class size generally limited to 25 participants


This is an instructor-led course delivered entirely online. It is highly interactive and requires 8-10 hours per week of active participation on discussion boards and completion of assigned projects.

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