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Illinois Elementary Math Specialist Project

The Elementary Mathematics Specialist Program is a series of five courses that prepare teachers for the new Illinois State Board of Education Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement, which can be added to a 1-6 Professional Educators License (PEL). The program focuses on increasing mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge for teachers in grades 1­–6, and developing their tools and skills to become teacher leaders in their schools.

These courses are open to teachers with a PEL and at least one complete year of teaching experience. In addition, teachers require instructor approval to enroll. Please contact Kathleen Pitvorec by email at to see if you qualify.

Courses Heading link

DateCourse TitleCollegeFormat
August 21 - December 1, 2023LRSC 594 - Special Topics: Number and Operations with Whole NumbersCollege of Liberal Arts & SciencesHybrid
January 8 - April 26, 2024LRSC 594 - Elementary Math Specialist Course 2College of Liberal Arts & SciencesHybrid