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Online Learning at UIC

Is Online Learning for You?
Online learning is a rewarding and convenient option for busy professionals to accomplish their educational goals. But don't mistake convenience for easy.

Online learning at UIC requires self-discipline, critical thinking, good writing skills, and an up-to-date computer with reliable Internet access.

You don’t need specialized technical knowledge to achieve success in UIC online courses. If you can browse the Web, use word processing software, and attach a document to an email message, you have the basic skills you need to take online courses at UIC.

At UIC we take pride in your success and support you through:

  • Easy to use learning software that can be accessed from computers and mobile devices
  • Access to live technical support
  • Tutorials on how to use all the tools and information available within your online courses

Most courses are flexibly structured to your schedule, so you can log in to complete assignments, meet deadlines, and participate in classroom discussions at your convenience.

Class participation is an important component of online learning. Plan to spend several hours per week learning the course material, completing your assignments, and participating in online discussions with your classmates.

We hope you’ll consider UIC's online courses as the solution to reaching your educational goals.

Can You Take UIC Online Courses if You Don't Live in Illinois?
UIC can legally offer online programs in 49 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico (California is excluded). Read about state authorization here.

Please note: Programs that require a professional licensure in your state of residence may have different requirements than UIC's programs. Before enrolling at UIC for online programs involving a professional licensure, please contact the appropriate licensing agency in the state where you live. More information on state licensing requirements by state is available on the University of Illinois website.