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Education Courses

Course Title
Bilingual and English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement/Approval
CPS Algebra Initiative
Early Childhood Alternative Licensure Program
Early Childhood Special Education Approval
Illinois Director Credential
Illinois Elementary Math Specialist Project
Learning Behavior Specialist I Program
Learning Behavior Specialist II Program
MESA Online Courses: Apply as a Nondegree Extramural Student
SPAN 440 ISBE Endorsement
CI 464 – Bilingualism and Literacy in a Second Language
CI 472 – Language Proficiency Assessment and ESL Instruction
CI 481 – Foundations and Current Issues in Educating English Language Learners
CI 482 – Assessment and Instruction: A Multilingual/Multicultural Perspective
CI 527- Literacy Leadership
CI 540 – Linguistics for Teachers
EDPS 470- Collective Bargaining Practice and Policy in K-12 and Higher Education
EDPS 553 – Leading Urban School Systems
EDPS 589 - Administrative and Leadership Theory in Education
EPSY 520 - Introduction to Curriculum and Practice in Early Childhood Education
EPSY 522: Internship in Early Childhood
EPSY 523 - Advanced Curriculum and Practice in Early Childhood Education
LRSC 594 – Special Topics: Number and Operations with Whole Numbers
MTHT 465 – Teaching Algebra for Understanding
MTHT 591 – Teaching Algebra for Understanding II
SPAN 440 – Theory and Methods in Teaching Heritage Speakers
SPED 410 – Exceptional Learners
SPED 461 – Political and Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Special Education
SPED 462- Assessment for Individuals with Disabilities
SPED 465- Understanding Students with High Incidence Disabilities
SPED 466 – Language Development, Diversity, and Disabilities
SPED 467- Understanding Students with Low Incidence Disabilities
SPED 471- Curricular Adaptations for Learners with Significant Disabilities
SPED 473 – Teaching Math and Science with Adaptations
SPED/EPSY 482 – Collaborating with Families, Community, and Professionals
SPED 506 – Characteristics and Assessments of Young Children With Disabilities
SPED 508 – Methods of Instruction and Assessment of Young Children With Disabilitie
SPED 514 - Comprehensive Programming Across the Lifespanr
SPED 522 – Advanced Procedures in Special Educator as Consultant
SPED 563 – Adolescent Literacy for Diverse Learners